Solution-focused lesbian couples therapy sessions for our LBGT community in Colorado.

Love is a journey, we take together.

At the Lesbian Couples Institute, we love helping lesbian couples and individual queer women get out of painful cycles that you’re stuck in, so you can finally enjoy life and love, again.

We know that life can turn ugly, stressful, and painful. Even when you’ve been doing everything you know how to do.

All of the counselors at LCI are lesbian or queer women who understand that relationships go sideways and life becomes stressful and overwhelming at times.

Creating a life and…

This is the intro video for the Webinar that introduces lesbian couples to Dr. Lynda Spann’s Transforming Lesbian Couples Online Group Coaching Program. Visitors will view this video before registering to watch the webinar and at the conclusion will book a call with Dr. Spann to be admitted into the program.

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Are you worried that your partner might be falling out of love with you?

Have you started noticing some subtle or not so subtle warning signs that her in love feelings are waning?

If you’re seeing red flags that she’s drifting into that chili space of I love you but I’m not in love with you, stop yourself from going down the rabbit-hole of worst-case-scenario.

You know what I’m talking about…

Looping on all the anxious thoughts, fears, and negative assumptions about how your relationship is going to crash and burn, will not help. In fact, focusing on those negatives…

Love is a Journey we take together, and our laser-focused, concentrated approach to working on your relationship is designed to deliver faster results and longer impact.

If you are willing to take this journey together, you can get there faster with this program. Our success rate is 85% for couples who go through this accelerated program. Those odds go up when both are committed to rediscovering the magic that brought you together in the first place.

If you’re feeling an urgency to get your relationship fixed quickly, or you dread being in couples counseling for months on end, then one…

In this episode, Jonathan closes the loop on the few stories that he shared, revealing the final straw that led to his decision of demoting 18 relatives from family status to blood relative status. In addition, we meet Dr. Lynda Spann, a Lesbian Couple’s Therapist. Dr. Lynda tells us about her own coming out journey while also providing words of wisdom about coming out to “baby lesbians”, other young lesbians, and their partners.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Roshe and Elisa explain how our unique TLC online group coaching course saved their relationship. If you and your partner are yearning for reconnection and looking to bring back the spark in your relationship, visit and see if this program is right for you!

The recent uproar regarding Simone Biles’ decision to back out of competing in the Tokyo Olympics has the entire world discussing mental health and the importance (or, for some, unimportance) of taking care of ourselves mentally and emotionally in tandem with our physical health. Imagine being able to not only identify your mental health concerns but being able to work through them without judgment or stigma and then sharing that experience with your partner. For more than two decades, Dr. Spann of the Lesbian Couples Institute has guided lesbian couples back to love through a journey of natural discovery and…

Whether your relationship is on the brink of divorce or it’s suffering from disconnection or miscommunication, our 6-week online group coaching program for lesbian couples can help you become the happiest couple in the room, again!

Let me tell you, if you and your partner are arguing, hardly talking, avoiding each other, not being friendly or affectionate, and you’re weary of being stuck in patterns that are making you frustrated or miserable, our coaching program will help!

And the really good news is that you don’t have to drive to a couples counseling office to get the help you…


You’re out with your girlfriend (or wife), having a great time, when she starts getting just a little too friendly with another woman.

Her flirtatious behavior is making you uncomfortable, and even humiliated. You start having thoughts like, Why is she paying so much attention to this other gal? Or even — Is my girlfriend going to leave me? Maybe I’m not good enough for her!

What should you do?


First, stay calm.

Causing a scene will only make things worse. Calling out your partner in front of other people will…



You can take your relationship from struggling, disconnected and stuck to happy, secure and thriving in just 6 weeks!


  1. An On-Demand, From Anywhere Relationship Transformation Training Course
  2. Weekly Group Coaching Events with Online Interaction with Other Couples Led by Dr. Lynda Spann!

TLC (Transforming Lesbian Couples) is for lesbian couples who are 100% committed to creating a joyful, secure, thriving relationship for good.

Because of that, TLC is by application only.

Act fast, this popular program fills up quickly.

Lesbian Couples Institute

Helping lesbian couples save their relationship and thrive —

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