Even Lesbians Have Fear About The Coronavirus!

If you’re living in the same world I’m in (whether you’re a lesbian or not), you’re bound to be experiencing some extra fear right now.

Isn’t this COVID-19 era surreal?

Full of scary news, social isolation, toilet-paper shortages, and businesses collapsing. The world as we know it is spinning, turning upside-down, and vanishing.

Fear. So much fear.

Of course fear is a normal feeling and reaction at times like this. Fear is a gift for survival. But it can also get amped up to the point that it becomes crippling.

In this video, I’ll share 8 ways that you can effectively manage your fear.

As a bonus, by practicing these fear-reducing strategies, you’ll also be helping your partner calm down, too. She’ll feel more relaxed and connected to you.

You can co-regulate by using these 8 strategies. Creating a win-win where you both end up feeling more calm and connected!

Lesbian couples all over the world can manage fear and get through this!

​We’re here to help you manage your panic about this pandemic.

If you need someone to help you get a grip, so you can function well again, we’d love to talk you through your stress and fear.

Or, if you and your partner are getting on each other’s last nerve, we want to help you both chill-out and work together as a team.

Our coaches are available for immediate, affordable online help. You don’t have to suffer through this crazy, scary time alone.

We can help if you’re:




Helping lesbian couples save their relationship and thrive — https://lesbiancouplesinstitute.com/

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