Find Your Power During This Pandemic

Social Distancing Can Lead To Aggravation Or Greater Connection!

​Let us help you get what you want during this pandemic.

Don’t let social distancing or shelter in place requirements ruin your mood or your relationship.

Is anxiety about this coronavirus pandemic squeezing the joy and calm right out of you? Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Or fighting to stay focused during the day?

Is your family going stir crazy, yet?

Are you or your partner starting to feel suffocated because you’re spending so much time together? Is your relationship suffering from corona conflict, and you don’t know how to fix it?

I don’t know about you, but this pandemic is the craziest thing I’ve ever lived through.

And by craziest I mean…scariest, most stressful, routine altering, anxiety producing global event of my lifetime.

It’s easy to feel threatened just by thinking about the massive uncertainty we’re all facing.

In just these few weeks, couples have begun struggling greatly from the mounting pressure of this pandemic.

Queers in quarantine need to collectively breathe. And get support from experts that can help!


If you need someone to help you get a grip, so you can function well again, we’d love to talk you through your stress and fear.

Or, if you and your partner are getting on each other’s last nerve, we want to help you both chill-out and work together as a team.

Our coaches are available for immediate, affordable online help. You don’t have to suffer through this crazy, scary time alone.

We can help if you’re:

  • Experiencing anxiety and stress spiking to new heights
  • Missing your friends, workplace, gym, and date-nights
  • Struggling to feel connected to your partner even though you’re stuck together 24/7
  • Having trouble getting your alone-time needs met
  • Finding that your relationship problems are getting worse during quarantine
  • Seeing your communication difficulties escalate

​This coronavirus pandemic has put the world on tilt.

It’s an epically altering event that has thrown many relationships into chaotic distress. Couples that were already on the brink are starting to fall off the cliff by droves.

That doesn’t have to happen to you.

The coaches here at the Lesbian Couples Institute want to help you stay sane and secure while you’re staying inside.

We actually believe that the personal impact of this pandemic can have a huge silver lining. You can become a better version of yourself, and your relationship can grow and heal during quarantine.

Let us show you how to find the silver lining and get through this stronger than you started.

We can help you design a plan to manage better together, as you shelter in place.

Wouldn’t you rather become a pandemic power couple instead of a virus break-up statistic?

Whether you’re interested in online individual coaching for yourself, or relationship coaching for you and your partner, simply Contact Us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.



Helping lesbian couples save their relationship and thrive —

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