​Lesbian Relationship Coaching in Denver

  • Both you and your partner want to work with a relationship coach together
  • You’re each motivated to learn communication skills to last a lifetime
  • One (or both) of you are concerned about your future
  • You are both weary of feeling disconnected, unheard, and lonely
  • The adjustment to parenthood is kicking your butts
  • You feel like you’ve lost your independence and your individual identity
  • Sex isn’t happening as often as at least one of you would like
  • You want to learn how to become a remarkable team
  • Each of you is sick of either fighting so much that you have a toxic relationship, or avoiding conflict to the point that your relationship has gotten bland and boring
  • Your partner is refusing to get relationship help with you
  • She’s told you that she’s not in love with you anymore and she doesn’t think coaching or counseling will help
  • You want to stop making things worse in your relationship
  • You’re thinking you’d like to make healthy changes in yourself that can have a positive impact on your relationship
  • You’ve recently gone through a breakup and you don’t want to jump right back into a relationship until you deal with your s#*t
  • Being single is getting lonely, but you’re scared you’ll make the same mistakes that you made in the past
  • You have no clue how to attract lesbian love that lasts
  • Life stress is weighing you down in a big way
  • You and your partner are reeling from an affair and you want help as a couple (A private Lesbian Couples Retreat in Denver would be a better fit)
  • You’re suffering from a mental illness (such as depression or bipolar disorder) that will respond better to individual therapy or couples counseling
  • There is violence or abuse currently happening in your relationship




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